My Birth Story

I was 40 weeks and 2 days post date. I had my 40 week appointment that morning. My blood pressure was slightly elevated for the first time in my pregnancy. I had pressure waves all morning and into the afternoon, but nothing regular. My sister, who was my caretaker for my first daughter, arrived late afternoon. We went to pick up some spicy food for dinner because I read that could kick start labor :)

About 7:30 pm my membranes released. My husband suggested we take a walk. Shortly after we began our walk, the surges started and were coming quickly. I called for my doula. I labored comfortably on a little stool we had in our house. After my doula arrived she suggested we try laboring in the shower. I agreed, but only if we took the little stool with us. The warm water helped stop my shivering and here I was able to fully relax and let go while using the birth breathing I learned in my HypnoBirthing® class. I felt only pressure. My husband was near, resting his hand on mine. As I went deeper and deeper into relaxation, I found myself singing low tones through the surges.

hand holding

As I quieted, my doula suggested we head to the hospital, so my husband went downstairs to turn the car around. I took one step out of the bathtub and knew we were not going to the hospital. I was able to take a couple of more steps before I said "the baby's coming!" We were at the top of the stairs in my home; it was encouraged that I get down on the floor. My doula helped support my back while my husband walked up the stairs. He crouched down and our sweet, baby girl was born perfectly into his hands.

There was no pushing. My little girl was born through the spontaneous birth reflex we had learned about in our HypnoBirthing® class. My visualizations, affirmations and months of practice relaxing had allowed for my second daughter's birth to be calm and gentle. I felt elation! Thank you, little one, for a healing, loving HypnoBirth.

mom and baby