About Lisa

My name is Lisa and I am passionate about birth and family. I cherish my husband and two daughters, enjoy music, visiting the ocean and talking with friends and anyone who will listen about pregnancy, birth, and the joys and challenges of being a "mommy." I am a HypnoBirthing® mom and I believe women should feel empowered, loved, and supported throughout their pregnancies, births, and lives.

I am originally from Ohio where I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Music Performance. College is where I met my husband, who is also a musician - we are both trumpet players. I love music - everything about it. It brings me joy and fills my spirit with life when I play. I have sung in choirs, met some amazing and life changing people, and traveled to Italy and Japan while playing my trumpet. I am thankful for my musical blessings and for the gift of music.


My interest in calm and gentle birthing began after getting pregnant with my first daughter. She was born in a hospital with some medical interventions. Although she came earth side safely and easily, it was not the birth experience I had envisioned. Having had that experience, I realize that birth does not always go as planned, but by keeping an open mind and remaining calm, a positive, satisfying birthing experience is still possible. A few months after my first daughter's birth, I became a vegetarian. My husband and daughters are vegetarians too, so I am familiar with vegetarian and vegan diets in pregnancy, nursing postpartum and beyond. 

When I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter, I immediately signed up for a HypnoBirthing® class that promoted "birthing without fear." I knew it was the right class for me still harboring anxieties from my last birth and life. I signed up early and practiced A LOT! My second daughter was born at home; although, not a planned home birth! Her birth was calm, quick and gentle, and this experience was very different from my first. It was unmedicated and completely intervention free. I found strength and determination in my spirit and my body that I never knew I had. I learned to fully trust my baby and myself early in my pregnancy and to put faith in my sweet, growing child. I was blessed with empowerment and openness from my friends and family. I also discovered just how unique and helpful a doula was and how very important it was to stay positive, surrounding myself with only those who supported what I wanted. My first birth experience led me to HypnoBirthing. My second experience drove me to become a HypnoBirthing® practitioner.

The HypnoBirthing® program empowered and blessed me with strength and healing, and as a result I want to pay this gift forward. The HypnoMothering® classes I teach give mama's quick on the fly options to handle and sustain the journey of motherhood. In all of my classes you will acquire knowledge, trust, openness, empowerment and support from me. May we fully embrace motherhood and all its magnificent chaos with calm, love, and humor. 

I believe your birth should be noteworthy and your family full of love and light! I look forward to meeting you and to our journey together.