Welcome to Noteworthy Births! 

My name is Lisa and I teach HypnoBirthing and HypnoMothering classes in the DC Metro Area and offer Hypnotherapy sessions that address stress release, fear, worry, anxiety, and self confidence!

I believe HypnoBirthing does a great job preparing moms and partners for fearless, calm and confident birthing experiences. Classes are fun, informative and relaxing. I teach group classes in Alexandria at Body in Balance with Balanced Birth Support and I am also available for private instruction.

In addition to preparing for baby’s arrival with HypnoBirthing classes, I support post-partum with private HypnoMothering classes. I am super passionate about parenting with love, calm, balance and peace, and HypnoMothering helps achieve these goals. This one day 2.5 hr class can be taken while pregnant or sometime before baby turns 3.

For more information about Hypnotherapy or to inquire about a class, please email or call Lisa: lisa.noteworthybirths@gmail.com, 440-840-4820 .

“We took private sessions from Lisa of Noteworthy Births to help us prepare for the birth of our second daughter. Both the HypnoBirthing course and our interactions with Lisa were stellar!  Whether you are a first-time mother or a mother many times over, you can learn valuable information from taking this course.  

With Lisa’s help, our second child’s birth was speedy, exciting and joyous!  We had an eight pound baby with no pain medications and no tearing.  The breathing techniques really helped me to work with my body’s efforts, not against it.  The information I gained about what was happening in my body during the labor and birth process replaced my fears and anxieties with confidence and excitement to meet my baby!  I am still amazed at how much easier every aspect of the event was this time around.  I felt empowered to advocate for myself and my baby, and I feel even more confident I could do it again in the future.  

I truly believe that this experience was made possible by all the HypnoBirthing preparation we did for the birth - physically and mentally - with Lisa’s caring guidance.  Her genuine, calming presence was a gift to our whole family as we prepared for childbirth.  After taking HypnoBirthing with Lisa, I wished so much I had known this information when I gave birth to my first child, and I wish the info in the course was taught to all women.  HypnoBirthing can help any woman have a better birth experience, no matter the kind of birth they desire, and you’ll be glad you hired Lisa to guide you through the course!” - Casey

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