Baby E


Baby E, a sweet, happy, alert baby was brought into this world by two wonderful parents. Both, equally invested in HypnoBirthing and how one could support the other, and wanting to make the best choices they could for their baby. This mama labored drug free through her induced labor. She spent a great deal of time preparing for labor by listening to the relaxation tracks and practicing the breathing techniques. While laboring, she stayed on top of her breathing and controlled her thoughts, and as a result did not need any pain medicine. As you can see from the picture, this mama was so pleased to meet her little one. Great job, L! I am so proud of you and A!

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Baby E

mom and daughter

This couple was full of excited, positive, joyful energy that brought a smile to my face every time I saw them. They came with open hearts and were so excited to learn about HypnoBirthing :) This mama had a start and stop labor for a few days and a virus to boot prior to her baby's birth.  Dad was extremely supportive, helping mom labor at home until it was finally time to make the trip to the hospital. Dad physically carried his wife to the car. This baby's birth was beautiful and I am so proud of this couple for their ability to remain calm during the eventful week leading to their baby girl's birth. I got the opportunity to meet and hold Baby E. A sweet and happy child! Way to go C & J!! 

happy girl
happy family

The First Noteworthy HypnoBaby!

This little guy was the first of my HypnoBirthing couples to join us earthside, and I got to hold him! Mama C brought with her a calm confidence and ease of going with the flow to our HypnoBirthing classes and to her baby's birth. Her ability to stay in the moment was admirable. Dad supported mom endlessly in classes and surrounded her and their son during labor with love and protection. CONGRATULATIONS C and P! I am so very proud of you both! You are all most definitely noteworthy ❤️.

girl holding newborn baby